James G. Pierson, Inc.
Consulting Structural Engineers
610 SW Alder Suiote #918
Portland, Oregon 97205


Formed in 1945 as Pierson & Tidball, the firm originally provided Civil/Structural and Mechanical Engineering. As time passed, the emphasis of work became exclusively Structural. Upon the death of James G. (Jim) Pierson in 1968, corporate status was assumed. Operation continues on that basis today.  Peder R. Golberg, S.E./P.E., and Tonya Halog, S.E./P.E. are the principals of the corporation. The current size of the firm is eight people. Our office is located in the heart of Portland, Oregon at 610 SW Alder, Suite 918 in the historic Selling Building. We are located above Rite Aid across the street from Macy's (the old Meier and Frank department store).

Since 1968 James G. Pierson, Inc. has provided structural design for projects constructed in 35 of the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Australia and in several of the provinces of Canada.

With local architects and School Districts we provide design for school buildings whose constructed value averages $20 to $30 million annually. Over 235 educational projects have been completed since 1968. Reports and studies for the purpose of determining suitability for continued use and requirements for seismic upgrading are often prepared by the Firm. Throughout the years the Firm has also provided structural services for approximately eighty historic renovation projects. Over the last decade and a half we have averaged about a million square feet every three to four years of retail and strip center construction.

Working with a local specialty design/build firm, we provide structural design for a significant portion of the Mausoleums & Columbarium's constructed in the United States and Canada. Approximately 480 such structures have been designed with yearly construction averaging over $25 Million. We also provide services as a specialty firm for the design of windows, storefronts, and curtain walls for many glass companies in the Northwest.

Other areas of significant practice include suburban office buildings, commercial and industrial buildings, churches, and many other miscellaneous structures. Our work is almost exclusively involved in the construction and reconstruction of buildings. We do not generally provide services for roads, utilities, bridges or other such non-building elements. Click here for a list of some of our projects.

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